Ninko Ready

거짓이 진실을

능할수 없음은, 거짓의 과정속에 늘 진실이 포함 될수밖에 없음이라.
Saturation and dilution of elements.

the way we were
Into the sky unto their care
B for Batman :. beats studio buds
Korg Nubass Jam
Landyachtz Skateboard - Dinghy Cruiser Setup
Display Board Illustration
Spiderman Jammin' Launchpad
Adobe Illustration
listen to the words . hearing of the hearts
It was Super once . 그땐 그랬지
child play not . pioneer's representation of 80's Japanese futurism . ddi wego4
혼자가 혼자가 아닐때
거짓이 진실을 이기지못함은 거짓을 이루려함에 진실이 반드시 포함되기 때문이다
batman begins
always b. truthful so to b. fruitful
unto the sky . on with the key
Korg's Volca Kick
Batman on 'hot'dog day . leading over Superman is not a trickery by almost skateboard and DC Comics


is fluid . a progressive motion where there’s no end . an abstract idea or notion that is conceived in the minds . realized in the lab.

Creative Process
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