Language Arts

마음속 깊히 심어진 그리고 솟아나는 표출,, 그 표현의 근원


Most sensitive sense of all yet fundamental, the Vision is what initiates its expression of which had been perceived.


With the impression embedded into the neural, idea forms and urge to decipher its meaning derives.


As the portrayal of senses, meaning of the deep in simplest yet the communicable form is invented.

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사물을 관찰함에, 드러내는 특성들을 소환시킬양,, 정해진 틀안에서 순간의 원만한 인식에대한 결과와 결론의 absorption

근복적인 communication 의 부과물로써 necessity 임은 분명,, there may be that purity in its initiation, the intention therefore is for self rewarding endeavour rather.

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Time,, holds all prototypes unblemished that is until its 새로운 발상과 그것의 application emerges. It may as well be the final as it represent, although it is only the progression in session.

Therefore, for the one who takes the credit,, the absurdity.  사물의 근원과 관찰의 속성, 더어나가 표출의 다방식적인 요인들 또한 only within the admissible boundary.


is fluid . a progressive motion where there’s no end . an abstract idea or notion that is conceived in the minds . realized in the lab.

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