Control Thy.Self

weary of.surroundings not

Happy Baby

Celebrating the new borns on flowerly trail

Written n.Hearts

blossom.b perfect.b

Practice made.Perfect

all in.da front foot

Enforce at Once

single strike the most fatal
Ninko the Skate Ninja
Skating by Kansept Logo



환영합니다 . ようこそ . 欢迎 
willkommentervetuloa . स्वागत छ . Қош келдіңіз
fogadtatás . karşılama . sveikialoha . bienvenida

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Kansept Media | 칸셉 미디어

baby on board sign pink for girl welcome home of original baby on board sign


is fluid . a progressive motion where there’s no end . an abstract idea or notion that is conceived in the minds . realized in the lab.

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