Trick Tip

All in the font foot, which a rider kicks out and flips the board 360° along the axis that extends from the nose to the tail of the deck, thus the name KICKflip. It is most thought out trick for skaters young and old. Its simplicity in form yet gracious motion so pure when perfectly executed.

Trick Specs

Fatality 55 / 100
Difficulty 70 / 100
Class Offence
Predecessor Ollie
Style Street, Free, Vert

kickflip detail

Simply Riding

Snap or Flick of the kicking foot is what rotates the skateboard, and the unfortunate bystanders. Target is the top corner pocket, levelling out the back foot the same height as the front. Watch the board, once grip tape is in sight, stomp it for a stylin’ landing.


is fluid . a progressive motion where there’s no end . an abstract idea or notion that is conceived in the minds . realized in the lab.

Creative Process
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