Master Chef,
Gaum Gaek.

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“道 . do” is the way a swordsman lead himself to be in perfect harmony with its surrounding. “Saul Abi . Gaum Gaek” only raises his sword when word is not heard by the opposers. In the midst of darkness, were light shines through once again briefly, with memoir of perfect blossom at due time. As it fades once beautiful colours, remains the gaunt branches of sorrow descried by the opposers.

Mar 2007 – Today
New Town Sushi

Mater Chef

Apr 2005 – Forever
Kansept Media
Samurai & Strike

Journeys & Activities

I portray what I believe in. I’m a challenge driven mind that loves to build meaningful buildings with people that share the same passion and values as I have. [email protected]



우리를 부탁해




is fluid . a progressive motion where there’s no ending . an abstract idea or notion that is conceived in the minds

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