Baby on Board Sign with Suction Cup


Our cute Baby on Board Sign is a decorative safety item for your precious infants traveling in an automobile. UV resistant laminated plastic sign with a suction cup.

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Product Details

Our Baby on Board sign design features include: Vibrant Colours for Highly Visibility, High Quality with Rigid Plastic, Silkscreened at 5 colours in the front and 1 colour in the back.

We have 2 colours in mind, Pink for Baby Girls and Blue for Baby Boys. UV Laminated for long lasting colours, comes with a convenient suction cup for easy attachment to your car window. The delightful design ensures both safety and style. Drive confidently with your Happy Baby!

Baby on Board Sign

Size: 5.25 ” x 5.25 ” (13.3 cm x 13.3 cm)
Thickness: 1.0 mm
Material: Rigid Plastic / Suction Cup
Finish: Matte UV Laminate
Shipping: Canada Post bubbler to Canada, United States and Worldwide


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