Ready Ninko!


Ready to face the challenge. Ain’t nobody stopping me from this package y’all! Circle laminated sticker for all purpose.


Product Details

Kansept’s Ninja on the Run comic’s main character himself Ninko is ready for its action. Whilst many adventures and their stories yet to be revealed, this is our first run of his introduction. Our most valuable piece that will be the beginning of the end. Durable as our thick vinyl and ink in high resolution printout with matte UV lamination, they are applicable to any surfaces and purpose. Bring out the Ninja in you all.

Product Specs
Size: 3″ x 3″ (76 mm diameter)
Material: Ink on Vinyl
Finish: Matte UV Laminate . Circle Cut
Shipping: $1.00 via Canada Post Letter Mail within Canada . $1.25 USA . $2.60 Worldwide


is fluid . a progressive motion where there’s no end . an abstract idea or notion that is conceived in the minds . realized in the lab.

Creative Process
Shipping & Handling