Don’t care for its top dog, rooting for not, cause it’s all hot! spicy sizzling hot, lava-hot almost! and so are you, ma.friend.

Kansept’s statement of uniqueness, every admirable facets and personalities each one of us portray. Realizing if one can do or be, so can others. The outcome is a final product of keen efforts, therefore no one is on top nor the bottom. So be it, just wing it da.styling Hot Dog, in flamin’ style.

Mar 2007 – Today
Hot Dog Heavens
Master Gaun.jang
Apr 2005 – Forever
Kansept Media
lumiere & shine

Journeys & Activities

hotdog cardecal
delicious hotdog
hotdog journey
hotdog skate

I portray what I believe in. I’m a challenge driven mind that loves to build meaningful buildings with people that share the same passion and values as I have. If you feel like this is you. I’d love to run with you. Give me a shout here [email protected]

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우리를 부탁해


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is fluid . a progressive motion where there’s no end . an abstract idea or notion that is conceived in the minds . realized in the lab.

Creative Process
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